The new Standard Online Course by Caravela

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Olá, amigos! We always do what we promise, so today we will present you our brand new Standard Online Course. From now, there’s no excuses to learn Portuguese.

The new Standard Online Course by Caravela

What is the Standard Online Course

It is a course in an online platform where you can log in, sit and learn. Every day you get a new lesson. Each lesson takes about 60 minutes. It consists of 60 lessons, that is about 60 hours of study. It includes 6 lessons of recall, 2 lessons of examination and 4 lessons of 60 minutes with a teacher. At the end, students will receive a certificate.

This online course lasts about 2 months. This way allow students learn in a regular base, creating a routine and keeping the motivation. At the same time teacher will also be able to track the progress and drive students in the right way. That’s possible because in each lesson there is a set of tasks which is necessary to do and submit in the platform. Some results are immediately known, others should be analyzed by teachers.

Finally, in the platform students will find a set of activities, which includes grammar and vocabulary, communication, text and oral comprehension, text expression and oral expression and interaction. Consequently, a person can develop the communicative skills and increase proficiency in a balanced way. Moreover, it consists in a step by step approach, so the person has the control and never feels lost.

Why it is different

The Standard Online Course was made by teachers with the goal to develop all the aspects needed to communicate in Portuguese language. Despite learning is mostly autonomous, all the process is tracked and there is time for live communication with a teacher.

We are a school specialized in teaching Portuguese for foreigners and we are also content makers. We know how works the learning process and all our courses are designed to be effective and pleasant. We have a well-defined methodology, but flexible so we have adapted it in order to create a complete product, with Caravela’s quality assurance.

For whom is it this online training

We can say it is for everyone, because everyone can learn in this platform. However, when we created this we mainly thought about those who can’t attend the other courses or have private lessons. There are several reasons for that, but we already talk about them in a previous article. So we decided to create a product with the following advantages:

– No schedules required: if you want to have a lesson you just need to login in the platform, even at 3 a.m.
– Learn at your own pace: take your time if you need, go faster if you can.
– No missed classes: your lesson will be always there waiting for you.
– Quality assurance: no matter where you are, you are learning with experts.
– Save time: no wasting time trips to school.
– Save money.

We are committed to always offering the best prices without ever compromising our high quality standards. With this course we have succeeded in making learning much more accessible.

How it works

After received a link to the platform, you will start to receive one lesson every day. Each lesson starts with a video with the content of the lesson. Then, you have a set of activities that will test if you understood everything properly. It includes grammar, vocabulary, communicative skills and oral comprehension. After submit you will know your results.

In addition, after each lesson you’ll have an exercise for oral express, which should be recorded. Also, there is writing exercises frequently. All submitted information is used to track the progress.

Moreover, there are five check-point lessons to verify if you assimilate all lessons and to enhance them, and four lessons with a teacher by Skype. In these lessons, you’ll have the opportunity to make questions, practice the conversational skills and get tips.

Finally, you’ll be always free to write or call us for any pedagogical or technical question. We will be always glad to help.

How to start the Standard Online Course

It’s pretty simple, you just need to write us by email using our contact form. Then, you will receive all information about the course and about how to use the platform.
You also can ask for this in our school in Caldas da Rainha or in Matosinhos.

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