E-Learning And B-Learning: Differences, Advantages And Disadvantages

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Have you ever thought about studying Portuguese with native teachers without leaving your country? Which way would be the best for you to learn through the distance learning? We have some answers for you!

E-Learning And B-Learning: Differences, Advantages And Disadvantages

E-Learning and B-Learning: How they work?

You can learn by E-Learning (Electronic Learning) and B-Learning (Blended Learning). Both are types of online education but there are a few differences between them.


On the one hand we have the E-Learning. The E-learning is a distance learning modality that enables self-learning through the mediation of systematically organized didactic resources. It is presented in different information technology supports, used alone or in combination and transmitted through the internet.

The e-learning courses can combine the presentation of video lessons that the student attends at his or her own convenience with written information. Usually students can attend classes and study at their own pace and according to their timetable. Although deadlines are usually set for to ensure that students in the same group or class do not complete the course too late from others.

Main Advantages:

– Fast dissemination and updating of the content and information for the students;
– The knowledge is available at any time, hour and place;
– The student can focus on his own difficulties and pace;
– Easy access and flexible hours;
– Lower costs compared to conventional training;

Main Disadvantages:

– Internet technical problems, which make it impossible to access services;
– Difficulties in adapting to the digital environment;
– Requires more effort to motivate students and more discipline and self-organization.
– Absence of human contact, which limits socialization between students and/or the teacher.


On the other hand, we have the B-Learning. The Blended Learning is a teaching modality that combines some elements of distance learning in E-learning and some elements of classroom training. This means that the teaching-learning process takes place partly through a platform.

For example, we can use the computer and the Internet, but also integrate some moments in the classroom context.
In this way, it is possible to overcome some limitations that come from the E-Learning regime. One example is the absence of face-to-face contact with a teacher or trainer. It is therefore a mixed education that involves distance tutoring at one stage and an educator in the more traditional sense at another stage.

Main Advantages:

– Humanization of the relationship between the institution and/or teacher and the students;
– Better personal integration among students and consequent exchange of experiences;
– Possibility of developing collective dynamics;
– Possible cost savings, with a group formation, allowing a group to start and finish the course within the same timeframe.
– Students evaluation is simpler and more reasonable, thanks to face-to-face situations;
– Better results, within set deadlines, with more diverse media and more intense student collaboration.

Main Disadvantages:

– Limits access for individual students who want to study programs independently and with flexible hours.

Note this:
When we talk about b-learning, we are also talking about synchronous learning and asynchronous learning. Both terms are related to education and bring tools that can be very useful:

– Synchronous learning is all that depends on the synchronization of access or the physical presence of the teacher and student in the same environment. That is, both must be connected at the same time (to class, live streaming, chat, etc.) for the learning proposal to work.
– Asynchronous learning, as you might imagine, does not require this simultaneity between accesses. The materials are also available in a virtual environment. Nevertheless students can access them at their convenience and without the need for the teacher to be connected.


We hope this article was useful and help you to make good decisions when choosing the right way to succeed in your learning process.
Caravela School has, of course, the classroom lessons but also offers teaching through B-learning with teachers always available for you. Distance does not have to be an obstacle against your learning.

Finally, if you want to get in touch with us, you can find Caravela School in Caldas da Rainha and Matosinhos.

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