Learn Portuguese in Porto and meet the city – Porto Walking Tour

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Olá! Today we will present our Porto Walking Tour service (Walk&Learn), the best option to learn Portuguese in Porto out of classroom and meet Porto at the same time.

Who is Walk&Learn for?

The Porto Walking Tour is for travelers, especially for people who are in Porto for the first time and never learnt Portuguese language before.

Exploring a new city can be more interesting when we can spend time with locals and interact with them. When it happens, the experience becomes richer and we can take more from our time.

Although, we notice that sometimes people don’t have opportunity in the classroom and do a full course. However, they are interested in Portuguese language, culture and lifestyle. Consequently, we created for them the Walk&Learn, a program that allows to travel and Learn Portuguese in Porto at the same time.

How it works this Porto Walking Tour

Walk&Learn focus strictly in what travelers need to “survive” when they have to interact with locals. So everything is learnt in the field, in real situations that students / travelers have to deal with.

Firstly, the day starts with the meeting with the teacher. Teacher will say where you go and which challenges evolving Portuguese language you will meet. During the walk, teacher will tell you everything you know to be well succeed in the next challenge. Teacher will also tell you more about Portugal. Naturally, the teacher will focus more in Porto and its locals.

After you complete the first challenge, you will go to other place where you will have another challenge. Again your teacher will give you what you need be have success and keep telling you more interesting facts.

Why Walk&Learn

Walk&Learn is a unique experience because with it you will fill completely immersed in the city’s atmosphere. Then, when you come back, you will have much more to tell to your friends and impress them with your language skills.

Also, our teachers are enthusiastic and easygoing persons, so with us you’ll never be bored. We are used to teach Portuguese language in an interactive way. Often we discuss with our students about contemporary aspects of Portugal, Portuguese people and Portuguese lifestyle, so we know exactly what foreigners are looking for.

Types of Walk&Learn

If you want to repeat the experience or if you already know some places in Porto, you can do Walk&Learn II or III as well. We will explain what is about each one.

– Walk&Learn I: meeting

For absolute beginners in Portuguese language and for those who just arrive and want to meet the city and Learn Portuguese in Porto. You will meet the city center and learn how to greet, introduce yourself, say good-bye and order food in a restaurant.

– Walk&Learn II: points of view

For those who did the Walk&Learn I or who are not absolute beginners. During this day you will have the opportunity to go to interesting places. In some of that, you will have to buy tickets and your challenge will be to do it by yourself in Portuguese. You also will be able to talk about places in Porto which you already know.

– Walk&Learn III: interaction

This day will be dedicated to “non-touristic” places. You will have to interact with people in public spaces in order to complete your challenges. You also will be able to talk about your experience in Porto. Finally, on the way back, you will have the funny opportunity to test your knowledge with a taxi driver.

More details

Walk&Learn it’s an enjoyable experience. Your teacher will always be supporting you and making your experience richer and nicer.

Each Walk&Learn could be 100% customizable and you can choose the program you want. Imagine if you’re a Beach lover and you want to learn Portuguese while enjoying a beautiful sunny day at the beach. Everything is possible!

Feel free to decide the places you want to visit and the program you want to learn!

Each Walk&Learn lasts about 3 hours. (it depends on your interests – could be more)
The minimum is 2 persons per group and the maximum is 4.

2 persons = 12 euros/person/hour

3 persons = 10 euros/person/hour

4 persons = 9 euros/person/hour

(Extra costs, as meals, tickets or souvenirs, are not included)

Because this is an unique experience, we is not possible to write here the other details, namely the places, activities and challenges. Although, you can anytime visit us in Matosinhos (15 min from Porto) and we will be glad to give you all details about this experience.

Who we are

Caravela School is a Portuguese school for foreigners, located in Matosinhos (Porto region) and Caldas da Rainha (Leiria region).

The most of our students live in Portugal or are planning to move to Portugal. So they really want to start to speak in Portuguese as quickly as possible and know more about practical and contemporary aspects of Portuguese life. Our students start to speak already in the first lesson. As soon as they do it more freely, they start to share them experience in Portugal with us.

However, some of our students are in vacations in Portugal and are eager to take as much as they can from them stay in Portugal. Then, we will be here to make them experience richer, sharing our own experience within and out of classroom.

With Caravela School you learn Portuguese and discover Portugal!

Why learn Portuguese in Porto

Porto is one of the most beautiful cities in Portugal. In Porto you can have full contact with the culture while you’re exploring the magnificent monuments of the city. The heart of the city has so much treasures to explore and so much to teach. The people, the food, the places, the corners: everything has so much magic inside!

Having a Portuguese language experience while discovering the city it’s the best way to walk through it & Learn! That’s why we called it “Walk&Learn”

Come and do a Porto Walking Tour with us!

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