Portuguese Language

Are you learning Portuguese or are you going to start to learn? If yes, here you will find interesting and didactic content that will help you in this process.

What is this in Portuguese

 12 de February, 2020 |    |  No comments

Olá! Today we will learn the indefinite articles, the plural of the nouns and some new vocabulary and expressions related with the classroom. We will also learn to identify objects in Portuguese, the colors. Finally, you will also learn how to express the possession with the preposition DE (of). Indefinite articles: You already learnt the…

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The accents of Portugal

 2 de December, 2019 |    |  No comments

Did you know that even in a country as small as Portugal, not everyone speaks the same way? There are a few different accents and even different words between the north, the south and the islands! This is what we're going to talk about today! Lisboa (Center)   Let's start with the Lisbon region, the…

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